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Community Engagement

Healing happens when people of a shared experience come together. It can be a time to talk about your experience, gain a network of support and obtain information about the healing journey. Hope is restored when bringing people together after a shared traumatic event. The healing begins with the support of community. Creating space to allow for people to come together is a powerful event, restoring hope to those who have been on their journey alone.

At Sense of Hope Counseling we have facilitated or been part of a team in a variety of gathering ranging from community, families, workplace and schools. The event can be in the form of a candlelight gathering, educational event or a gathering to gain emotional support.


When a tragedy occurs communities naturally come together. It is in this shared experience that people gain the emotional support they need. As the crisis subsides and crowds disperse, people are left wondering if they are the only one still experiencing reactions to the event. Bringing communities who are seeking that support back together provides an opportunity to talk about their shared experience and gain information that will assist them on their journey towards wellness.


Co-workers are who we spend our days with. They can be considered good friends or acquaintances. However you view your relationships with co-workers, you are affected when something tragic happens to them. Having an opportunity to bring forth concerns and to learn how to offer support can be helpful to restoring balance in the workplace.

Workplace violence has become all too common. Is there an incidence that has happened in your workplace that you perceive is traumatic? Contact me, I can help.


When tragedy happens within a family it can cause rifts. Everyone is unique in how they react after a crisis and sometimes family members don’t understand why a family member is not reacting in the same way. Bringing families together to gain insight into how grief/loss/trauma reactions can be different and how to support each other can be of tremendous help.


Typically counselors are brought in after a school shooting to handle crisis intervention. For those not ready to talk about their experience because they are still in shock, a gathering weeks or months later can be very beneficial. Students have to handle the anxiety of going back to school but so do teachers and administrators. It is helpful to have these separate groups share their story in a safe and supportive environment.

Further Resources

After responding to several mass tragedies I have found the immeasurable benefit of partnering with HOPE - Animal Assisted Crisis Response dog teams. My respect for the comfort of a dog when words cannot express grief and trauma is immense. To find out more about this awesome organization click here.