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Complicated Grief

Losing a loved one is difficult, often causing strong and unpredictable emotions. You may experience numbness, sadness, guilt and anger. As you move through the grieving process these symptoms normally subside. Your loved one will always be missed; there will always be a longing to have that person in your life again. There is no timeline or correct way to move through the grieving process. Each individual is unique in their healing journey, based on many factors. When the grieving process stalls or emotions remain high, making it feel as if you cannot find a way to move forward, you may be experiencing complicated grief.

Some indicators that you may be experiencing complicated grief:

  • Isolation – we avoid people, places and things that remind us of our loved one
  • Not trusting that others can understand the depth of our pain
  • Inability to accept that the person is dead
  • Experiencing physical symptoms similar to the death
  • An intense yearning for your loved one that complicates everyday life
  • Anger about the death that does not subside with time

You do not have to walk this painful journey alone. At Sense of Hope Counseling we can help you identify what your stuck points are in moving through your grief. Together, we will explore how treatment can help in moving you forward on your grief journey.