Counseling Services

Professional Trauma

We go into this work to fulfill a sense of hope in making a difference in the world. Whether you are in Law Enforcement, an Emergency Department Doctor or nurse, Firefighter, Emergency Management, Therapist, Crime Victim Advocate or 911 Dispatcher, you want to assist people. We put our whole selves into the work yet the work can take a toll on our whole self. These professional roles, and many others, are exposed to daily trauma and stress on the job.

When professionals respond to trauma, pain, and suffering on a daily basis it can take a cumulative toll on both their professional and personal life. Relationships become strained when the work has taken away the ability to see the world as a place that is good and kind. Trying to find ways to deal with the exposure to suffering may cause people to comfort themselves in unhealthy ways, oftentimes wreaking havoc in their personal and family relationships.

At Sense of Hope Counseling we understand the toll on ourselves and relationships while working in high stress jobs. After responding to crisis for many years there is an understanding that particular cultures, for instance law enforcement, has a set of critical needs that will be different from an advocate. Particular therapy skills designed to meet the needs of each individual will be provided for the professional and any family member who is exposed to the residual stress of the work.

Confidentiality is paramount for all seeking therapy.