Counseling Services

Survivors of Mass Violence and Tragedy

The emotional toll after a traumatic event can be overwhelming. Intense, frightening and confusing emotions rule lives for not only those who experienced the traumatic event but for family members, friends, those who witness it, and those who responded to assist. As many watch round the clock news coverage, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness emerge.

Days, weeks and months after the traumatic event, after the event fades from the news, those not directly affected seem to move on. Meanwhile, victims, survivors and responders continue to suffer. At every new traumatic event, those affected are reminded of their experience.

Getting your life back into a routine that is comfortable takes time. Support from others is a key ingredient. While we all have a unique way of navigating our way through trauma reactions, obtaining assistance from a therapist can be helpful. At Sense of Hope Counseling we can help you sort out the myriad of emotions, provide an objective view, and promote your resilience on your path to a new hope for the future.