Counseling Services


Trauma is a broad term. In its purest form trauma can be defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” At Sense of Hope Counseling trauma is your definition, your story. What can be traumatic for one person may not be for another. Trauma does not specify that a person has to be a survivor of what we typically think of as a traumatic experience – shooting, suicide, violent crime, bombing. Those who have witnessed or otherwise exposed to the event can also be traumatized.

Normal reactions to a traumatic event will typically reside in a matter of weeks or months. Using stress reduction techniques, coping skills and a healthy support system, many people are able to return to functioning in everyday life. It is when you find that you are feeling helpless and hopeless about the future, being “stuck” in recurring thoughts of the traumatic event, you find fear guides your decisions and ability to live that seeking help can benefit your well-being.

Together we can explore the roller coaster of emotions, intrusive thoughts, sense of helplessness, stress reduction techniques and tapping into a support system.